Do Firefighters Have A High Cancer Rate?

Do Firefighters Have A High Cancer Rate?

Today, cancer is the most dangerous threat to firefighters’ health and safety.

According to data from the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), cancer caused 66 percent of career fire fighters’ line-of-duty deaths during the six years from 2002 through 2009. Heart disease accounted for 18% of career LODDs over the same period.

Cancer was responsible for 70% of the line-of-duty deaths among career firefighters in 2016. According to the CDC/National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH) studies, firefighters have a 9% higher risk of getting cancer and a 14 percent higher risk of succumbing to cancer than the general U.S. population.

The causes of this increased risk included respiratory (lung, mesothelioma), GI (oral cavity, esophageal, large intestine), and kidney malignancies.

Stats about Higher cancer rates among firefighters

  • A study conducted by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) on 30,000 career firefighters who worked in Chicago, Philadelphia, and San Francisco between 1950 and 2009 found higher digestive, oral, respiratory, and urinary rates of cancers.
  • Firefighters had an increased risk of mesothelioma, most likely due to more exposure to asbestos.
  • At an age younger than 66, firefighters were more likely to get various malignancies, especially bladder and prostate cancers.
  • While the sample size was small, female firefighters were more likely to get bladder cancer, which is generally more common in men.

Firefighting Foam Lawsuit

Twenty-seven businesses that produce firefighting equipment have been the subject of several lawsuits filed by various groups of fighters in state courts. These firms include 3M and DuPont. The firefighters claim that the suppressing foam and their turnout gear are contaminated with PFAS, a known carcinogen.

Accor3M was aware of PFAS toxicity as early as 1950, and DuPont was aware of the dangers in 1961, yet they continued to produce PFAS-containing fire gear, which causes turnout gear cancer.


Firefighters are at significant risk of developing cancer due to their exposure to carcinogens. Some ways to protect yourself include wearing the proper safety gear, eating a healthy diet, and exercising regularly. You should also be aware of cancer symptoms so that you can seek treatment early.

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A Dangerous Driving Problem: Road Debris

A Dangerous Driving Problem: Road Debris

Road debris is a serious problem. It has caused thousands of deaths over the years, and it’s only getting worse. The average person might not think about road debris as much as they should, but you must understand that it’s a big threat to your safety on the roads.

Road debris poses a major problem in the United States. It is estimated that thousands of deaths occur each year due to road debris, and more than 700 million dollars are spent on damages caused by these objects for cars alone.

The most common form of road debris is glass, leading to roughly 62% of all reported injuries from it during an accident. When broken into smaller pieces such as pebbles or sand, they can be especially dangerous since they can become projectiles themselves when kicked up off the roadway surface while driving down the highway at high speeds!

Other types of street material include:

  • Metal fragments like bolts and nails.
  • Plastic bags.
  • Animal carcasses.
  • Rocks and gravels.
  • Dead animals or parts thereof (e.g., deer).

There are a few common causes for the debris on the roads. Some of them include littering, animals, and natural disasters. Litter is an easy one to avoid because we do not always cause it as humans. Animals might be more challenging to control, but there are things you can do if you know where they’re coming from (such as barriers or fences).

Natural disasters may seem like something you cannot prevent, but many people forget that sometimes all these elements could have been contained in the first place with better attention paid during construction or disaster relief efforts.

Road debris is dangerous and has killed thousands over time. It should be dealt with immediately before it becomes too late- whether through prevention methods such as fencing for animals or increased awareness of the dangers for drivers.

In case you ever meet with an accident due to road debris, make sure you hire an excellent personal injury lawyer like Caffee Law Firm who can guide you through the process of filing an accident claim and seeking compensation from your insurance company.

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4 Factors that Make Smell Proof Bags for Cannabis Efficient

4 Factors that Make Smell Proof Bags for Cannabis Efficient

A lot of people are looking for ways to keep their cannabis smell down. Using a smell-proof bag is one very effective way. This article will discuss four ranking factors you should consider when shopping for bags to get the most efficient ones.

Size: The size of the bag you buy is important. A larger bag will be more efficient than a smaller one because it can hold up to four times as much cannabis product. You want to make sure that if your goal is just to store weed in a smell-proof container, then this should be high on your list of factors for ranking bags efficiency.

Material: There are different materials used in making these containers. Some people might prefer plastic or cardboard over other options like cloth or Tyvek, but there are benefits and drawbacks associated with all choices, so choose carefully.

Price: Price should also be one of your ranking factors for efficiency when searching for different bags. You want something you can afford, so make sure you take this into account before making any purchases! Some brands charge more than others, but not all expensive products will perform better than inexpensive ones. Make sure you read reviews before deciding on anything, just based on price alone!

The initial investment might be more expensive, but it just depends on how much time you’re willing to spend doing laundry and running the dishwasher.

Purpose: What are your needs for using a smell-proof bag? For example, if you need something to store weed in that’s not going to break into pieces easily then, Tyvek is probably better than some other options like plastic or cloth because it won’t crack under pressure or absorb sweat from people who use them (which can make your cannabis lose its potency over time). Keep this goal in mind when ranking efficiency factors of different types of containers.

If you want a bag with ventilation holes punched through so air circulates inside of them, then consider buying one made out of either Tyvek or cardboard. If you need something that can be used for more than just weed, a cloth bag would probably work better you can visit Green Tech Packaging.

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Signs You May Have Been Medically Malpracticed

Signs You May Have Been Medically Malpracticed

It isn’t easy to know when you have been medically malpracticed. You may not notice any symptoms, or the symptoms can be very subtle and then go away independently. Some people are never informed that they were a victim of medical malpractice until years later when they receive an anonymous letter in the mail from a lawyer. This blog post will help you identify if you may have been medically malpracticed so that you can take appropriate action!

1) You were given the wrong medication

This is one of the most common indications that medical malpractice may have occurred. If you are told to take a pill and then notice some sort of difference (different color, shape, or size), it’s important to notify your doctor as soon as possible to determine whether this was an error on their part.

2) You were given the wrong dosage

If you take a medication and notice that it is too strong or too weak, this can indicate medical malpractice. If your doctor prescribes 30 pills but only gives you 20, for example, they may not have measured correctly, so it’s important to notify them as soon as possible.

3) You were given the wrong treatment

If you are suffering from a particular disease, and your doctor prescribes an antibiotic that is not appropriate for this type of illness, it may be medical malpractice. Make sure to fully understand what kind of treatment or medication they want to prescribe before accepting anything! This will avoid any confusion in the future.

4) You were given the wrong diagnosis

If you are told that something is wrong with your body and a few weeks later you find out it’s not true, this could indicate medical malpractice. For example, if you have been diagnosed with type II diabetes but never actually had any symptoms or blood tests showing high glucose levels, it may be medical malpractice.

Additionally, if you were poorly treated or misbehaved, you may be able to file a case against the nursing home or hospital where your treatment was going on. All you need to do is connect with a personal injury lawyer or law firm like SHW Law handling such medical malpractice cases and let them guide you through the claim filing procedure for quick and desired results.

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Watch Out for These New Types of Ponzi Schemes: Securities Fraud

Watch Out for These New Types of Ponzi Schemes: Securities Fraud

A Ponzi scheme is a type of fraud where the perpetrator gains money by promising investors high returns. The scammer will take any funds received and pay off early investors with those funds instead of investing them as promised to generate profits. This means that when new investments come in, there are none left for them, so they too become victims and lose their investment.

A New Type of Ponzi Scheme has recently emerged called securities fraud which can be defined as “the purchase or sale of a security without disclosing material facts about the security.” This post will explore how securities fraud is turning into a new type of Ponzi scheme.

The purchase or sale of any security without disclosing material facts about the security to investors may be considered securities fraud. It can lead to serious consequences for both perpetrators and victims. The SEC offers some guidance on potential red flags that someone could use as an investor in screening for these types of scams. We hope you find it helpful!

How To Identify Securities Fraud?

There are many different types of securities fraud, but there are some general things to watch out for.

You should always be on the lookout for stocks with unusually high daily volume and limited information about who is selling them or where they’re coming from. If you see a company whose stock price has skyrocketed in just one day, this could also indicate potential securities fraud activity. Also, look out for companies with no recent news releases or filings.

How To Avoid Securities Fraud?

Of course, it’s not easy to avoid security fraud entirely because people often try to keep their schemes under wraps while still advertising new opportunities online and through social media channels like Twitter or Facebook. However, if you invest carefully, you can protect your money.

Just in case you suspect that your broker recommended you specific securities that seem fraudulent, consider talking to a skilled investment fraud attorney like Erez Law in your area and take legal action without wasting any time to recover your money.

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What Charges Can Be Pressed Against You For Traffic Violations?

What Charges Can Be Pressed Against You For Traffic Violations?

The US traffic rules make sure that people stay safe on roads. Those who are caught violating these traffic rules are charged heavily by the police in order to make the culprits pay for their mistakes. Some of the charges pressed for traffic violations are too difficult to deal with. 

Be alert every time you hit the road and drive safely. Also, keep in mind what can happen if you violate traffic rules. Here is a sneak peek into traffic violation charges for you. 

Charges For Traffic Violations:

For every traffic violation, there are different charges waiting for you. For example, if you are caught by a traffic police officer, and he finds too much alcohol in your system, he can press charges like the underage purchase of alcohol, underage consumption of alcohol, offering alcohol to underage, and carrying an open container in a car. 

All of these charges are good enough to impose heavy fines on you. Nothing changes if you are caught with marijuana while driving. In this case, you can be charged for possessing marijuana or smoking it in public. 

If you are ever caught violating curfew restrictions, then the police can charge you for getting out of your house during curfew, violating park curfew rules, and walking home after the curfew timing has begun. 

Some other standard traffic violation charges that can be pressed against you are speeding, not wearing a seat belt, failing to yield, texting or calling someone while driving, not stopping at the traffic signal, or merging from one lane to another without giving an indicator. Any of these charges can put you behind bars or result in a huge fine. So, it’s better to drive carefully every time you find yourself behind the wheels. In case you get caught by the police, try not to argue with them as it will only worsen the situation. Instead, get in touch with Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates to get out of this situation easily.

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Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Motorcycles give their enthusiasts the feeling of freedom, adventure, and fun, but they can be dangerous, too. When a biker gets in a crash, they are far more likely to be injured than a passenger in a car. Motorcycles are dangerous because they are less visible to other vehicles, have less safety features, and leave their riders completely exposed to the elements. Because of these factors, bikers have to be extra careful on the road.

There were 5,286 motorcyclist fatalities in 2016, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The number of fatalities dipped below 5,000 between 2009 and 2014, and motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to die in a crash than a passenger in a car. The number of injuries is equally disheartening. There were 88,000 motorcyclist injuries in 2015. 

The fatality rate for motorcyclists is so high because oftentimes, many riders refuse to wear a helmet. Around 30% of bikers do not wear a helmet when they ride. Though this percentage is lower than it used to be, motorcyclists should wear a helmet to combat the inherent dangers of being exposed to the asphalt and dangers of a high-velocity collision with a car or truck. 

However, the biker is not always the one who made the mistake that led to the crash. Still, they’ll take most of the damage. Regular drivers who are simply not paying attention may be the cause of an accident, but bikers are also in danger if a road is not properly maintained. Potholes, spills, missing signage, and burned-out lights could all be disastrous to a biker. The people responsible for maintenance of the road should be held accountable for the part they played in the crash.

What To Do After An Accident

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, you should always speak to a personal injury lawyer to be sure you’re not being ripped off by the insurance company that is covering your claim. More than likely, you are. Insurance companies usually don’t pay accident victims their fair due, leaving them up the creek without a paddle when they have to pay for expensive medical and property damage bills.

While most law firms that take on personal injury cases will protect the rights of motorcycle accident victims, some law firms go above and beyond, making motorcycle accidents their one and only priority. This law firm out of Iowa, The Biker Lawyers, does just that. All of their lawyers are bikers themselves, making them a great firm to turn to if you’ve been injured in a crash in Iowa. Still, most lawyers will be able to tell you if you are being offered too little by insurance companies, and they can help you recover more money in compensation for your accident.

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Evolution, GMOs, Roundup, and Cancer

When we think of evolution, we tend to think of the millions of years it took for the ancestors of apes to evolve into man-like creatures. This process took so long because it was an incredibly fine-tuned operation.

In fact, it’s still going on today. Humans are still growing and evolving as we adapt to an ever-changing environment. But humans aren’t the only ones evolving.

It took millennia for the flowers in your garden to look as vibrant as they do. Golden retrievers look the way that they do because humans took the ones that they thought were the best sporting dogs and bred them at incredibly high rates.

These are examples of evolutions that had different origins, but they are still evolutions the same. Also, despite man’s desire to have certain traits in the golden retriever, there was not much forced genetic modification in their evolution. Other organisms have been manipulated by man in the hopes of increasing those desirable traits.

Genetic modifications of plants make them stronger and able to withstand certain outside forces. One company, Monsanto, modified certain plants so that they were immune to glyphosate. This meant that they could survive being sprayed with an herbicide containing the chemical.

Roundup, the most common herbicide in the U.S., uses glyphosate to kill off invasive species of plants. Creating both the herbicide and the seeds that can withstand the herbicide allowed Monsanto to have a firm grasp on the nation’s crop industry.

Everyone from small farmers to major agricultural corporations used Roundup to kill off weeds on their farms. For a long time, no one really thought anything of it. Well, until people started getting sick.

In recent years, glyphosate was classified as a carcinogen. This means that people exposed to it were at increased risk of certain cancers such as myeloma, leukemia, and non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Roundup quickly spread to food sources and water supplies so that the number of people exposed to it grew quicker than anyone expected.

As a result, many people got sick from not only cancer, but from other health issues linked to Roundup. Instead of admitting their mistakes, Monsanto doubled down and denied all responsibility for their product.

Recently, there has been one Monsanto cancer lawsuit after another to hold this company accountable for their actions. Most of these have been class action lawsuits, but a few people are fighting the good fight as individuals.

Modifying organisms to withstand outside forces shouldn’t result in illness and death, but that is what it has come to.

It doesn’t have to stay that way, though. If everyone who thinks that they got sick from Monsanto’s products were to stand up against this corporation, they would be forced to right their wrongs.

If you think your illness is due to exposure to Roundup, join the others who are standing up to Monsanto. Your voice deserves to be heard and Monsanto should be held to a higher standard when it comes to keeping the public safe.

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The Best Ways to Improve The Value of Your Home in 2018

If you are interested in increasing the value of your home, the good news is that it may be easier than you think. By following some of these tips, you will see the value of your home gradually increase. Here are the best ways to improve the value of your home in 2018:

  • Get Organized – Whether you have major changes in mind or you want to make minor adjustments, it’s important to start out the remodeling process with a plan. Homeowners who impulsively upgrade their homes end up with houses that don’t make much sense. With so much on the line, you need to take the time to plan things out.
  • One Step at a Time – You don’t have to start every project all at once, especially if you are living in the home while you plan on remodeling. It’s easier to stay committed and monitor your progress by working on one room at a time, even if that means painting one wall each Saturday. As you slowly make progress, you’ll be surprised at what you get accomplished over a few months.
  • Small Improvements – If you aren’t sure that it would be better to address your home’s decor or focus exclusively on upgrading aspects that you know will improve the resale value of your home, you should strongly consider doing some of both. Everyone knows that spending money on windows, doors, lighting, and faucets will increase the home’s resale value, but it’s also important to enjoy the home you are living in. Adding simple things like artwork and a new furniture piece can make a big difference to homeowners who are still living in their remodeled house for years to come.
  • Be Clean – Cleanliness is one of the most important aspects to focus on when trying to sell your house. The benefits of being clean are more than just standing out amongst the neighbors. You will be more likely to identify maintenance issues before they become expensive problems, and routine cleaning makes the job easier. Instead of waiting until the house is extremely dirty to start tackling the messiness, start early and stay on top of it. That includes getting rid of unnecessary items to reduce clutter.
  • Street View – Stand by the curb of your house and look back. What do you see? This is the first impression that potential buyers are going to have of your home, and it’s a good idea to make this image stand out. Companies like Ware Landscaping are experts in their field, and for a price, they can manipulate the land to make it more noticeable. Things like flowers, trees, and lanterns for the walkway are not that difficult to maintain, and they add a lot to the home’s curbside appeal.

Remodelling your home should be fun and easy, but only if you stay organized. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with everything at once. Follow the steps we discussed above, and you are sure to have a better home in no time.

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Conway City Council

Well, I just saw something pretty interesting on the local news. Apparently, the Conway City Council is considering installing license-plate-reading cameras at various intersections throughout the city. At first, I admit, I was not happy to hear this news. I don’t like red light cameras and they don’t like me. But as the newscaster went on, she explained that these license plate cameras actually serve a completely different purpose.

Known as ALPRs – automatic license plate readers – these little cameras are used to catch more serious criminals than your average lead-footed driver. The high-speed digital cameras are able to scan thousands of license plates every day, multiple license plates at a time. If the machine detects a stolen car or a driver with an outstanding warrant, it alerts the local police electronically. To me, that sounds pretty neat. The Conway City Police Chief suggested to the council that the first cameras should be installed at the intersection of U.S. 378 and U.S. 501. That’s an extremely high volume intersection. And it seems to me that since the Chief of Police doesn’t know how much of the city budget will be allocated for these cameras, he’s trying to get us the most bang for our buck. Should the city council approve the plan and provide the necessary funds, the chief said the department is also considering installing the cameras all over downtown and even buying mobile versions that can be attached to police cars.

 Now I know this may raise some privacy concerns. Obviously, there will be thousands of ordinary citizens just driving their cars to work or the supermarket, whose license plate information will be captured by these ALPR cameras, but I mean, is your license plate really private information? I would say NO. And it turns out, there’s at least one other person who agrees with me. After seeing the news report, I did a little poking around on the web. Apparently, the Virginia chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against the Fairfax County Police Department last year, challenging their use of these plate-readers. The judge in the case, however, ruled in favor of the police department. One officer explained on the news that the cameras don’t store any personal data. They simply flag the license plate of a criminal suspect.

Look, I see where the ACLU guys are coming from. The government would be keeping at least some sort of record, for however short a period, of every person and vehicle driving through whatever intersections. Yes, that’s worrying to me, and yes it certainly has the potential for abuse. On the other hand, it means fewer criminals on the streets. Say your car is stolen, you call the police and report it. As soon as that report is in their system, they’ll be instantly notified should your vehicle pass through one of these intersections. I mean, to me it seems like a no-brainer. From what I understand about these new cameras, the potential for abuse is small. And the upside to these new ALPRs is that it just became a lot harder to be a criminal in Conway City.

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