Evolution, GMOs, Roundup, and Cancer

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When we think of evolution, we tend to think of the millions of years it took for the ancestors of apes to evolve into man-like creatures. This process took so long because it was an incredibly fine-tuned operation.

In fact, it’s still going on today. Humans are still growing and evolving as we adapt to an ever-changing environment. But humans aren’t the only ones evolving.

It took millennia for the flowers in your garden to look as vibrant as they do. Golden retrievers look the way that they do because humans took the ones that they thought were the best sporting dogs and bred them at incredibly high rates.

These are examples of evolutions that had different origins, but they are still evolutions the same. Also, despite man’s desire to have certain traits in the golden retriever, there was not much forced genetic modification in their evolution. Other organisms have been manipulated by man in the hopes of increasing those desirable traits.

Genetic modifications of plants make them stronger and able to withstand certain outside forces. One company, Monsanto, modified certain plants so that they were immune to glyphosate. This meant that they could survive being sprayed with an herbicide containing the chemical.

Roundup, the most common herbicide in the U.S., uses glyphosate to kill off invasive species of plants. Creating both the herbicide and the seeds that can withstand the herbicide allowed Monsanto to have a firm grasp on the nation’s crop industry.

Everyone from small farmers to major agricultural corporations used Roundup to kill off weeds on their farms. For a long time, no one really thought anything of it. Well, until people started getting sick.

In recent years, glyphosate was classified as a carcinogen. This means that people exposed to it were at increased risk of certain cancers such as myeloma, leukemia, and non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Roundup quickly spread to food sources and water supplies so that the number of people exposed to it grew quicker than anyone expected.

As a result, many people got sick from not only cancer, but from other health issues linked to Roundup. Instead of admitting their mistakes, Monsanto doubled down and denied all responsibility for their product.

Recently, there has been one Monsanto cancer lawsuit after another to hold this company accountable for their actions. Most of these have been class action lawsuits, but a few people are fighting the good fight as individuals.

Modifying organisms to withstand outside forces shouldn’t result in illness and death, but that is what it has come to.

It doesn’t have to stay that way, though. If everyone who thinks that they got sick from Monsanto’s products were to stand up against this corporation, they would be forced to right their wrongs.

If you think your illness is due to exposure to Roundup, join the others who are standing up to Monsanto. Your voice deserves to be heard and Monsanto should be held to a higher standard when it comes to keeping the public safe.

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