What Charges Can Be Pressed Against You For Traffic Violations?

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What Charges Can Be Pressed Against You For Traffic Violations?

The US traffic rules make sure that people stay safe on roads. Those who are caught violating these traffic rules are charged heavily by the police in order to make the culprits pay for their mistakes. Some of the charges pressed for traffic violations are too difficult to deal with. 

Be alert every time you hit the road and drive safely. Also, keep in mind what can happen if you violate traffic rules. Here is a sneak peek into traffic violation charges for you. 

Charges For Traffic Violations:

For every traffic violation, there are different charges waiting for you. For example, if you are caught by a traffic police officer, and he finds too much alcohol in your system, he can press charges like the underage purchase of alcohol, underage consumption of alcohol, offering alcohol to underage, and carrying an open container in a car. 

All of these charges are good enough to impose heavy fines on you. Nothing changes if you are caught with marijuana while driving. In this case, you can be charged for possessing marijuana or smoking it in public. 

If you are ever caught violating curfew restrictions, then the police can charge you for getting out of your house during curfew, violating park curfew rules, and walking home after the curfew timing has begun. 

Some other standard traffic violation charges that can be pressed against you are speeding, not wearing a seat belt, failing to yield, texting or calling someone while driving, not stopping at the traffic signal, or merging from one lane to another without giving an indicator. Any of these charges can put you behind bars or result in a huge fine. So, it’s better to drive carefully every time you find yourself behind the wheels. In case you get caught by the police, try not to argue with them as it will only worsen the situation. Instead, get in touch with Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates to get out of this situation easily.

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